Montessori School Roermond visits De Groene Transformator

Montessori School Roermond paid a visit to our Sustainability Center “De Groene Transformator” (translates as The Green Transformer) on June 29th. It was an engaging day with four groups of 25-30 enthusiastic children participating. We began by showing them an inspiring video about the Impact project, enlightening them about the intricate journey a product takes before reaching store shelves. To deepen their understanding, we encouraged them to count the seams on a piece of clothing, revealing the number of tailors involved in its creation.

The highlight of the visit was the hands-on activity where the children had the opportunity to generate their own energy. They kicked off by dancing with excitement, and later, they harnessed wind power to set empty bottles in motion with trays. During the process, they even experimented with water-filled bottles and realised its impact on energy production. In an intriguing experiment, we challenged the children to envision using fluttering trays to move a car, sparking their imagination and instilling valuable lessons about energy consumption and conservation.

Throughout the day, we had the pleasure of hosting over 100 bright Montessori students, each group spending an hour exploring and learning about sustainability. We were thrilled to witness their enthusiasm and curiosity in action.

If your school is interested in experiencing our Sustainability Center, we would be delighted to welcome you! Please let us know, and together, we can cultivate a greener future for our children.

De Groene Transformator (Dutch)

Now that Meta has launched a Twitter competitor called “Threads” based on the ActivityPub protocol (and thus becoming part of the Fediverse), I find Mastodon quite interesting again.

Mastodon is also a Twitter alternative, free, open-source, and decentralized. And it too operates on the ActivityPub protocol. In theory, this means Mastodon users could potentially communicate with Threads users. But we’ll have to wait and see as Meta hasn’t activated this feature yet.

After some earlier trials, I have now set up a serious instance; This time with the right hardware and in the right place (NorthC Datacenter). I’m committing to the Mastodon Server Covenant to provide a safe haven for anyone who doesn’t have a Mastodon account yet. And of course, the server has been given a sustainable touch. ­čî┐

So feel free to create an account at

Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog, a place where I intend to share everything from ideas, news, and projects I’m working on, to the knowledge I’ve gained and so much more. My interests lie in tech, sustainability, veganism, and coding, so that’s what I’ll primarily be blogging about. Join me as I explore these exciting topics and share my passion with you!